Ford Vin Number Decoder

How to recognize VIN number from a VIN plate photo using Azure Computer Vision API, Edmunds API

Decode the VIN. If you're like most people, you probably think a vehicle identification number (VIN) is just a series of random characters. Actually, each character in this highly structured code has its own meaning.

Check here for updates and information on Ford recall and field service actions for your vehicle. Search for Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury recalls using your VIN, or contact our Customer Relationship Center at (800) 392-3673.

Decode your VIN. Learn what your vehicle identification number (VIN) means. We'll show you a few ways to get a detailed VIN check for any car.

The check number is used to algorithmically validate the Ford VIN; this number ensures that the VIN code entered is a valid Ford VIN. Position 10 - Model Year. The tenth position of the Ford VIN identifies the production year of the car model in question.

Enter Ford VIN code into a decoder, which you can find on this page; Hit the Decode Now button; All the info on Ford that you need to check will appear within seconds. You'll be given a free decoder report. Read the report on Ford on your PC, laptop or mobile, etc. Feel free to test this Ford decoder now! Sample VIN Numbers

What is a VIN? VIN stands for Vehicle Identification Number and, since 1981, is expressed as a 17-character serial number. Each of the positions in a VIN describes a specific aspect of the vehicle. Example VIN for 2011 Ford Fiesta

How to recognize VIN number from a VIN plate photo using Azure Computer Vision API, Edmunds API
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