Chip Drops His Long Awaited Behind Barz Freestyle – Very Impressive

It’s the one that we’ve all been waiting for…

Chips finally steps in the booth and delivers his much awaited Behind Bars Freestyle – it fair to say that he released the best freestyle to come out of the platform this year.

The Tottenham rapper just turned 27, marking over 10 year of his relevance in the UK Urban music scene with the cold freestyle.

Reflecting on the journey in the music scene, Chip recalls being signed at a very young age and having to grow in the limelight.

It looks like the current MOBO Awards Best Grime Act is looking to finally settle down but it would take a very special one to tie him down.

No doubt Chip has had another successful year; releasing single, big features and a full body of work on his League Of My Own II album.

kingsley Njoku

Rome was not built in a day...#BePatient

108 thoughts on “Chip Drops His Long Awaited Behind Barz Freestyle – Very Impressive”

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