Rapper Tion Wayne responds to his prison sentence

Rapper Tion Wayne has been  jailed for 16 months for his part in a fight outside a Clifton nightclub.Tion, whose real name is Dennis Junior Odunwo, was among the performers DJing at the White Lies event at venue Analog on Queen’s Road on March 4.

But after the event violence erupted between two groups outside the premises in the early hours. The fracas, which involved more than 100 people, was described by witnesses as looking like something out of a Western movie.

The rapper took to his snapchat account to tell his side of the story, claiming the police only showed one side of the whole event.

‘Yo, just here to clear things up. I wanna start by saying i’m a cool guy and if you know me then you’ll know this. and if i have love for you I’II always try and have your back in any situations which is why I’m writhing this, cause i’ve let a lot of my loved ones down and i just to apologise to them for that. I always try and stay out of trouble, especially shows and I’m always telling the tandem the same thing but sometimes trouble finds you…”

‘On the night in Bristol, i went to perform at a club, everything went smoothly inside the club and i enjoyed myself. When leaving, a fight broke out which me and my friends wasn’t involved in. The cctv, which has been cropped by the police and docent cover the full incident, the only included what would make look bad. When i attempted to go to the car with my friends 3 guys thought it was an opportunity to steal my rolex, which i worked for. In the process my friend was stabbed in his leg and the other guy injured with a pole that hit his leg. I retaliated to this and over reacted because i nearly lost something i worked hard for. The police didn’t cover this or take any interest in people who were injured hence why there was no witness in the case. The focused on me and decided to get as much publicity and praise as they could off my name. They claim 100 pole was involved but i’m the only one jailed. But i accept that because i worked hard to get the name i have and i’m now considered a public figure and i’m dealing with the consequences of the decisions i mad on that night, the same way anyone else who chose to fight on that day, has to deal with the consequences. Sometimes as a rapper pole want to target u”

Tion went on to accuse Edmonton police of making him a scape goat and targeting him, he said;

‘I know Edmonton police are probs breakdancing right now because its their mission to stop black male from making it out. All i can say is that can’t stop me. I’ll be back in a short time with a bang. This talent dosen’t go away. The only thing going away is my fat belly. when i come out I’II be looking like LL COOL Wayne”

He apologised to his loved ones for letting them down;

‘But i’m sorry to my loved ones, my fans and everyone that represent me. for letting you down cah you lots support is crazy and this wasn’t part of the plan. I’II be back see you in a lil bit. Thank God for my life cah i know he has a plan for me”

He then went on to admit his mistake saying;

‘And lastly, i accept what i did was wrong but my only defence is when i realised there were knives involved, i had to do everything i could do to protect myself and my mates who came with me to support me at my performance”


Chinedu Ike