Dave has some strong words for the Prime Minister in new ‘Question Time’ Video

Dave unveils brand new music video ‘Question Time’ – taken off his up coming ‘Game Over’ EP, which is now available for pre-order on iTunes.
Produced by Fraser T Smith, the new single ‘Question Time’ sees the South London rapper pose some powerful questions for the Prime Minister.

“A question for the new prime minister and please tell me if i’m being narrow minded – but how do we spend so much money on defence and weapons to wage war when the NHS is dying.
And what about the people that voted for us to leave for the money that it would see. 350 Million we give to the EU every week that our health service needs.”

He went as far as labelling the current Prime Minister Theresa May a ‘coward’ for supposedly dodging her responsibilities during the Grenfell Tower Incident.

Addressing the current state of the UK government, the 19 years old also sent a message to the former prime minister David Cameron in regards to him resigning and leaving his duties

“I got a message for our old prime minister David Cameron. I mean you f*cked us resigning and sneaked out the firing line. I wanna know how you managed it. You bathing in the sun while the papers have a run at the woman you left here to handle it.”

kingsley Njoku

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