Chris and Kem Respond to Lethal Bizzle’s Claims In Regards To Their New Single ‘Little Bit Leave It’

Following the release of their debut single ‘Little Bit Leave It’, which is still number 1 on the iTunes singles Chart – Chris and Kem has continued to receive huge support on the song. One man who isn’t entirely impressed is Lethal Bizzle, who claimed that the former Love Islanders took his phrase without crediting him.

He said: “You couldn’t leave me alone init. Kem and his other brother – I dunno what his name is – Ross, you took my phrase fam. Cool, I want everyone to use my phrase.

“Everyone knows I make up words but when you want to go and do a song and make money from them then I have a problem with that.

“So we need to have a conversation. Shabs – the guy who signed the record – I know him very well. I’m a very reasonable person so let’s just get this sorted out before it goes anywhere else because it doesn’t need to go anywhere else.

“I wasn’t even f***ing bothered about it to be honest, it was the people that made me realise: ‘Yo, Biz, are you getting a percentage out of that?’ And I sat down and I thought: ‘Hang on a minute, I should be getting a percentage out of this, shouldn’t I?’ ”

“I don’t need the money but the principle is you’re taking the piss. And you’re not even crediting where you got the phrase from. You’re using it like you made it popular. So listen, we need to have a conversation. Shabs, call me!”

Chris and Kem has now responded to Bizzle’s claim during their appearance on BBC Radio 1xtra Breakfast Show with A.Dot.
Kem said : “Do you know what it was, Me and Chris were filming all day yesterday and didn’t see a lot it (the Lethal Bizzle rant).Our first reaction to it were like fan boys reaction – like Lethal B is tweeting us. We are like the biggest fan boys of him, so we were gassed that he was tweeting us, then we see everything that’s going on.”

“The thing is like me and Chris are amateurs, we’ve just started. We don’t know this industry, we just made a song. So stuff like that (Lethal B’s claim) has nothing really to do with us, it’s more on other people behind us (their management). We are just trying to make a tune and hoping everyone likes it.”

When asked if Bizzle is deserves a percentage of the sales made from the song, Kem said –

That’s not us to say…if it is the right thing then yeah but we don’t know because that’s not really our job. We just did a song, that’s it really. We wouldn’t be able to give me an answer because we don’t know. We didn’t wanna react and kinda start a beef because we like him, so we just let him say his thing.

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