Beyoncé shares never-before-seen family photos in her  book ‘How to Make Lemonade’

Beyonce recently released her new coffee table book titled How To Make Lemonade and it features never-before-seen family photos. How To Make Lemonade, which is an expansive 600-page book, gives a comprehensive look at the singer’s sixth studio album. It takes the pop star’s audience behind the scenes with an array of exclusive photos, outtakes, and art.

The book offers an in-depth look at each element of Lemonade’s visual presentation. It also shows the inspiration and themes behind some of the Lemonade moments.It comes in a box set known as the How To MAke Lemonage box set and it consists of a vinyl edition of the record, audio and visual album The book is available for pre-order Friday (Aug. 18) here. The $299.99 box set is estimated to ship later this summer

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