New Video : Chip – Scene Feat. Wiley, Jammer, D Double E, JME & Miraa May

Chips links up with Wiley, Jammer, D Double E, JME & Miraa May on the latest track ‘Scene’ from his League Of My Own 2 album .

Just a matter of days on from the release of his much anticipated League Of My Own 2 album, Chips gives the ‘Scene’ an insight into what the Grime scene looked like back when he coming up. Teaming up with some of the pioneers of the Genres, the video itself directed by Roony Kefee has an old skool grime settings and the pictures Wiley at the beginning giving his opinion on the controversial topic on whether Grime is dead or not.

“Do you know what, that’s a good thing to say cuz if you say Grime is dead, everyone will think “Oh is grime dead?”. Some people who know it ain’t dead will say “No it’s not dead”. Some people will go along think yeah it is dead and in that case, that will flush out all the people who shouldn’t even be there. And the people who should be there will remain. So when i look at those Grime is dead T-Shirt, i think yeah it is dead – Grime is so dead that it’s not dead” – Says Wiley,

Chip’s League Of My Own 2 album is set for release this coming Friday (11th August 2017) and it’s still not too late to pre-order project.

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