Love Island’s Gabby Allen and Marcel Somerville reveal the secrets behind their ‘X-rated’ sex life

GABBY Allen and Marcel Somerville have been enjoying “X-rated”  sex since being released from Love Island. Marcel was  sex-starved for weeks in the villa the pair confirmed to The Sun Online on Tuesday that they’d finally had sex, and now their latest interview reveals that it’s only getting more “explosive.”

Gabby told The Daily Star: “The first night we had sex was after the wrap party. “I’m so glad we did wait until then, because, put it this way, we wouldn’t have been able to do everything we got up to if we’d been in the villa”

“It was X-rated and explosive – we just got a bit excited. We’ve been missing out on it for so long but it was worth the wait. And then we had two nights in hotels after and it was even wilder. I’ve had good sex in my life, but Marcel has stamina.”

Marcel wanted to make it clear that Gabby wasn’t left short-changed after the pair had endured such a long wait.

He said: “You’d expect me to be really fast because I’ve been waiting so long but no. I’ve got skills and technique.

“I’m quite a strong person and she’s very light so there was a lot of throwing around. The bed was small and squeaky so I had to pull the mattress off onto the floor.”

While the pair can’t keep their hands off one another now, they admit that it was particularly tough to not have sex in the villa, with Marcel often having to come up with ways to hide his excitement.

He explained: “Gabs can just look at me and I get excited, I had to hide it in the villa all the time. A lot of the time we’d be kissing in the pool and I’d be like, ‘Give me 15 minutes’. I had to hide it behind cushions, tuck it into my waistband. She turns me on. She’s No1 out of all the girls I’ve been with.”

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