Akelle pens an open letter to his family and fans in regards his sentencing and court case

In response to his recent conviction, Akelle has penned a touching open letter to his family, fans and fellow WSTRN members. In the letter, he addresses the incident that happened before the WSTRN journey and urged Louis and Haile to “keep releasing music and take this thing as far as it can go”.

Read the full message from Akelle below –

“I would like to start this by apologising to my supporters. I’m sorry that i have let you down. I’m sorry to my family for putting you through this and for messing up the most amazing opportunity.

I’m sorry for letting past situations draw me out and act in a way i thought i had left behind me.

The series of events that led to me now being in jail started nearly two years ago and does not represent who i am today as a person. It happened when i was only just starting my journey out of a very dark place and way of life. This case has been hanging over my head the whole time throughout the WSTRN journey.

I have never tried to hide my past, I speak about it in my music and it is a part of me i have to live with but moved on from. Music has always been my way to channel my anger and energy into a more positive space and it finally started to pay off and allow me to come away from the roads and change my life, yet the past has a crazy way of haunting you and the roads always seem to catch up with you and pull you back!.

I hold my hands up and say I am not innocent in this situation but please don’t believe everything that is written and however which way people want to spin the story, this was not a robbery nor was it an unprovoked attack.
When you are moving away from the roads and trying to better your life, not everyone is going to be happy for you. You travelling on a new path can breed jealousy and hate. This can make people resort to all they know to try and take from you what they can’t get themselves – A WAY OUT!!!.

Before the incident, I had been robbed earlier that day by someone I have had previous problems with. The incident that left me in jail was a gut reaction/retaliation and a hope to get my stuff back. There were 5 people there, I did not hit an elderly people, which can be confirmed by witness statements. However that won’t be written about in the press!. I am by no means justifying my actions in any way, just trying to shed light on some facts that weren’t mentioned by the press.

Again, I want to whole heartedly apologise to my supporters, my family, to WSTRN, my management and my record label. You guys are the only reason I have been able to change as a person and see a way of life away from the roads and I have let you all down and now I have to live with the consequences.

My message to Louis and Haile is please keep releasing music and take this thing as far as it can go. You’re both way too talented to let this stop you!. “
Akelle x

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