Bugzy Malone’s ‘King Of The North’ EP is out now

Bugzy Malone has finally unleashed his ‘King Of The North’ EP following weeks of anticipation. An eight tracked EP featuring the likes of Tom Grennan, DJ Luck, MC Neat and hit singles such as ‘Aggy Wid It’, the much loved ‘Bruce Wayne’ and much more.
Stream King Of The North EP Below –

King Of The North (Editors Notes)
“I tell stories better than J.K. Rowling,” boasts Aaron Davis over “Sniper”’s murky beats. That might be stretching it, but the Mancunian is certainly one of grime’s superior narrators. Whether he’s firing out provocative braggadocio (“King of the North”) or meditating on the long-rippling effects of one bad decision (“Make or Break”), he laces his measured flow with magnetic detail and drama. The music has depth and soulfulness to match, particularly on “Memory Lane” where Tom Grennan’s bluesy growl adds a bittersweet hook to an urgent rush of strings.

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