Breaking news: Grenfell residents storm Kensington town hall

At around 3pm today hundreds of people gathered outside Kensington and Chelsea Town Hall with a list of demands. However when a representative from the council refused to come out and speak with the protesters directly, choosing instead to release a written statement, the crowd grew even more unhappy. Police arrived to form a barricade and things quickly became heated with physical altercations on both sides.

Now according to reports, a group of approximately 50 to 60 protesters have entered the building demanding justice. This comes after Prime MinisterTheresa May announced today that a £5 million fund will be put in place to provide clothes, food and shelter for the survivors, but many feel that this is too little too late.

 May returned to Kensington shortly before 5pm on Friday for a meeting with survivors, residents, volunteers and community leaders at St Clements Church, close to the wreckage of the high-rise tower.

A large police presence struggled to hold back an angry crowd which surrounded her car as she left the meeting, as people shouted and tried to follow the car, and at one point broke up a scuffle which broke out between people in the crowd.

Chinedu Ike