Stream Ed Sheeran’s amazing new album – Divide

Ed Sheeran’s official third studio album is finally here and you won’t be disappointed with it.

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A 16-track album with no features, Divide is the home to the current UK Number one official single – Shape Of  You. The singer/Songwriter from Suffolk performed the hit single at this year’s Brit Awards, which took place last month.

There are reports that Divide would set a record and it shouldn’t be surprise it does, considering that – Shape Of You has now been on top of the charts for the third consective week. The album will no doubt be at the top of the album Chart next week Friday.

Ed seems very convinced that he has dropped the right album for him, no pressure or consideration of what critics may think of it.

“I was self-conscious about it on my first album, because I’d never had any success, I’d never sold any records, never sold a ticket, and I was terrified that it would be over in an instant, The album got panned by the critics and I was like: ‘Fuck, this is it.’ But now I’m at a point where, even if I get a one-star review for every album I release for the rest of my life, I’ll still be able to play music.” – He said.

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