Kehlani’s Debut Album “SweetSexySavage” is Out NOW!

Our patience was wearing thin, following several teasers and singles but Kehlani’s debut album SweetSexySavage is finally here.

A load of 18 tracks,SweetSexySavage – a “multi-layered” project as Kehlani termed it, is meant to challenge and empower.

Speaking prior to the release of the project, the American singer and songwriter started the new project SweetSexySavage – solely to show people that she can sing, write, chill and have fun at the same time.

“Let me show I can sing!’ , ‘Let me show I can write!’ This one’s like, ‘Let me show I can chill! And have fun!’ Really, I was just taking it easy.” She said

Stream The Album SweetSexySavage Below –

Alternatively, Get It On iTunes/Apple Music


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