Artist Spotlight – Ember Phoenix

Exuding the exciting harmonies of R&B, singer and rapper, Ember Phoenix, presented us with his Levels EP just last month. A flow of passionate and deep touching sounds mixed  with Rap to ascertain his street credibility .
Currently being co-signed by Grammy Nominated producer Beast, Ember Phoenix is set to soar in to the UK R&B scene with his righteous singing and reality raps and as his name suggests, arise with his fire content that is set to ignite 2017.
We caught up with Ember Phoenix for a detailed chart on his journey so far, plans for the new year that just kicked off and his opinions on certain issues in the UK Urban scene.

Childhood & The Name ‘Ember Phoenix’

“From Trinidad originally, i came over here as a youth – raised in North West London. I was actually born on a mountain called ‘Hope’ but no one believes me (laughs). The name ‘Ember’ is to do with fire, i’m a fiery character (well people tell me).”

Lack Of  Exposure For Certain Genres

“I think the urban scene as a whole is getting lots of attention, if you look back 4-5 years,it was pretty much non-existing. Only few people were in positions where they were getting any attention. Now I think the urban industry is getting lots of attention, however,  the music coming out of the urban industry aren’t all getting as much attention as each other. You’ve got grime and Trap, anything else is pushed aside.”

Singers In the Urban Scene Being Neglected

“I don’t think singers get that much recognition. you’ve got people like Loick and Angel coming through. I chose those two brothers for a reason simply because they have pushed independently and they really grafted for their buzz. I don’t think it was given to them on a plate.”

 Favourite Rappers in the UK

“Errmm i have to name obvious people for obvious reasons. I think Skepta is dope, I don’t its cause of his rapping ability though, for me it’s more of what he represents, his whole vibe is very homegrown. He is reaching internationally but he’s still himself and not begging it, which is exactly what you can really ask for. In terms of females Nadia Rose is very dope, just cause of her character I think she has enough of that. For me no matter who the artist is as long as you got a great character it will always shine through… so shout out to Nadia Rose”

Dream Collaboration

“It might sound mad but I would love to work with Adele. The reason why i say that is because if I was to make a tune with Adele,  I would make something so classic because I believe her songs are so powerful and meaningful.  I just feel like me and Adele would make something so classic and the fact that she keeps clapping Grammys would make it harder for me to disconnect.  Also I would love to work with Kano and Giggs, with Kano it’s because he’s my all time favourite artist and he’s always been consistently good.  Another person is Giggs,  even doe i’m not a die hard fan but it more about what he represents, his who vibe is “i am what i am, it is what it is “’

Levels EP

“Levels EP dropped in December and that was a joint collaboration project between myself and Beast (Producer). Now i think 2017 is about proving myself for myself, i’m bringing purely my sounds. I make R n G (Rhythm & Gangsta) instead of R n B because i make Trap/RnB music. I’m from the hood but i like to think that i’m well educated – i bring them both together and that’s represented in my music. I mess with people in the streets but there’s also a whole other demography that i’m trying to reach. I’m not just making music for my brethren in the hood so  they can blaze it out their car; I want some middle aged house mum in Sheffield to be like “Raah this Ember guy, there’s something about him…”.

Musical Influences

“I would say God first and foremost, when you go through certain things it makes you pursue answers from certain places and the one true remainder is the true creator (God) and everyone is here for a reason. No matter what path you choose to take in this world, i believe you can make a difference and that the path I have with my music. Myself and someone might never meet up but my music can reach them and it can inspire them to do something. That’s the power of music, that’s my gift in writing. And of course a good set of friends and family too!.”

The Importance Of Being Versatile

“I think each to their own. I like to think of myself as a versatile artist because I rap and sing, it enables me to do different things and maybe different genres. Other artist are just one thing and they stick to it. but then as long as you’re really good at it, it doesn’t really matter. The most important thing is how many people you can draw towards your sound and to be honest I wasn’t always so hot on the singing thing cuz i did that in church when i was little. When So Solid Crew came out that’s when I really picked up the rap before i started incorporating the singing to it. Then it became my style, so i just stuck with it – long before Drake and PartyNextDoor.”

Favourite Track On The New EP ‘Levels’

“My favourite song and the one I like to perform is “24/7″.  It’s like a hustler anthem, its motivation and it’s just the realness (*quoting the lyrics*). The song shows that it doesn’t matter where you come from and what you do. Yeah i might have positioned myself in the hood or my mum landed in the hood when we came here, but like i said through education you can teach yourself – it doesn’t matter where you’re from – you can further yourself.”

Conncet With Ember



Stream Ember’s Level EP Below

kingsley Njoku

Rome was not built in a day...#BePatient

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