Are The Kardashians Bad Luck For Men? Nino Brown Thinks So

This might sound funny but Nino Brown definitely backed up his statement with some real facts.
The Kardashians are definitely up there with the followers, the money and the fame – but that’s not the case with their partners and ex partners.

The rapper expressed that one thing he does not want this christmas is an ‘Unlucky ass bitch’ – “if i could tell you something i don’t want, i don’t need no unlucky ass bitch… i don’t want no Kardashian” – he said.
Nino went ahead to detail all the men that has dated Kardashians and eneded up with back lucks and bad business.

– Lamar Odom – From a respected basketball player to a drug addict.
– Tyga – From making hits ‘Rack City’ to no hits
– French Montana – From making hits to no hits
– kanye West – From making hits to dying his hair blonde and on the verge of breakdown/divorce
– Ray J – From hitting it first to making no hits
– Bruce Jenner – (fill up the one for yourself).
Watch Nino Brown Label The Kardashians Bad Luck For Black Men Below

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