Dylan Williams – My Musical influences Are Very Basic. My Reality And My Surroundings. I See, Feel & Write.

With 8 tracks recorded, mixed and mastered in just 2 weeks, Dylan takes listeners on a musical journey that spans the course of the summer.

Rap, Afrobeats, RnB & Trap influences run through the project – there’s something for everybody in his first body of work

We caught up with Dylan Williams to get an insight into the new project ‘Drip’ and find out more about him as an artist on the rise.

The project and the message you’re trying to put across ?

I couldn’t pinpoint exactly what inspired me to write the project, I didn’t even notice I was writing a project. I literally wrote about what I had been doing throughout my summer, sourcing beats off YouTube and explaining my thoughts over sounds I connected with. Then one song became two. Then two became 6 then the rest of history. DRiP was created.

I wouldn’t say I’m trying to spread a message it more me opening up to the listener and explaining my reality and the ups and down I face in 24 hours.


 why should be listen to the new project ‘Drip’ ?

I think people should listen to ‘DRiP’ simply because I’m talking about balancing my life and whatever is around me. I touch on subjects that are close to me. Problems I face with the opposite sex, family issues and being a black model from South West London

what is unique about you ?

I’ve always wondered what made me different to the rest of in other words unique. I think it’s my choice of subjects and my style of writing. I literally explain my everything I’m thinking. Things I wouldn’t tell you in a face – to – face conversation. It could be my lack of confidence or not being able to deal with being judged.

Musical influences ?

My Musical influences are very basic. My reality and my surroundings. I see, feel and write.

What has been the highlight of your year?

Highlight of my year…that’s a hard one. I’ve had many moments this year. Probably having a brief conversation with Tinie Tempah backstage at the A2 show. I looked to my left and my close friend sue lily was in there too just embracing life and our blessing. It felt like we were both making steps closer to our dreams.

What should we expect in 2017 

2017! Basically all or nothing. We’ve been working for years now. I think every year we improve. Things are finally falling into place and I think 2017 will clarify the above

 Any upcoming big collaborations?

I’ve worked with artists I personally consider as dope, I’m sure the list will continue to grow.

Regardless of the UK Urban music doing well, do you think artists are finding it hard to get noticed ? if so why?

I do think artists are finding it hard to get noticed, but consistency is key. Once you connect with the public the rest is up to you and what you do with that connection. Some people aren’t prepared, others get overwhelmed and some just get ahead of themselves. People come and go, remember a moment is just a moments. Don’t just wait for a moment build a solid foundation.

Any upcoming shows? 

19th December I’m performing at Birthdays with some artist I personally think are dope! Tickets are free, all you have to do is sign up! Hopefully see you there!.


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