Men’s Falls Fashion 2016

Fall is the best season for fashion, it is one of the only seasons that mix colours, prints and patterns and layering seamlessly. Fall is known for its colour palette that usually consists of khaki, greys, blues, browns and other earthy tones. Here are a few staple pieces needed for a perfect fall wardrobe for you guys :

  • Duffles & Trenches

Duffle and trench coats are staple pieces because they can be worn in several ways, with a roll neck, jeans and boots or over some knitwear, either way it adds a more dressed-up touch to the simplest of outfits. Duffle coats are usually warmer/thicker than trench coats and usually for colder days but trench coats always win for style. Duffle and trench coats have been the reigning coats for fall especially for men, its like an unwritten fashion rule.


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  • Patterns & Prints

This year, patterns and prints have become popular especially at fashion shows showcasing fall looks for men. Some top profile style magazines have predicted patterns and prints to make the best outfits of fall 2016. Patterns and prints such as checkered, dog-tooth and paisley have made their appearances on the covers of various fashion magazines. This season, it seems as if patterns and prints have been used in a minimalist fashion, such as displayed on collars, cuffs or hems of shirts or used on accessories such as pocket squares, ties or scarves. Using hints of patterns and prints with rich fall colours such as oxblood, burgundy, khaki or royal blue could create some catwalk worthy outfits.

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  • Fitted Tracksuits

Who goes through the season especially fall and winter without some fitted tracksuits? Simple, comfortable, affordable and warm, the best possible way to describe fitted tracksuits paired with trainers and bomber jackets. Why not try out some fall coloured tracksuits to combine the best of both worlds.



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