New Music Video : Chip – Power Up

Having just released his much awaited new project “Power Up“, Chip brings us the video to the single “Power Up” off the new project.

Taking to the streets of North London, the Grime MC heads to Finsbury Park  following the incident that happened earlier this summer at the Wireless Festival. If you can recall, he was denied access to the venue following the order of the “Big Boss” at the festival, who is apparently friends with Tinie Tempah.

Stream Chip’s New Project “Power Up

Power Up Review

The first track on the album is Fire In My Studio where he dissed Charlie Sloth on the very first bar saying “certain DJs kiss ass so much but why? wipe the shit off your lips”. That takes guts and confidence to come up with..maybe he’s too confident and that has always been his Achilles heel. but he speaks the truth regardless. In that track he addressed the incident involving Charlamagne, who gave his opinion on Bugzy’s Fire in the booth, which was edited out by 1xtra. Now Charlie said the reason behind the editing was because there was someone else in that interview that Charlamagne ripped to pieces. People are saying that it could Tinie Tempah but in the Grime scene he’s not really a big figure. However, in terms UK urban music he can be considered a big figure.

The second track “Mad With It” and possibly the best track on the album in my opinion is a war against the music industry. The best thing about this track is not only the beat and rhymes, but the meaning behind it. speaking on the labels that he’s worked with, sony, Columbia, Grand Hustle and Jive Records. He exposes how corrupt the industry really is and how artists loose themselves on the way in. As an artist you don’t have much say what goes on unless you already have credential status. This track may not gain him friends within the industry but I have to say I respect his truth.
In the next track “Where’s Ice Kid at” he teams up with Ice Kid, who made his return to making music again this year and coming out for Wiz Khalifa & Taylor Gang at the Culture Clash earlier this year. This was more like a grime throwback track for me. unless you know about the good old Tim westwood days , then you probably won’t be able to relate to this track. and i’m talking like 2007 times.

The next one “Style Dat” sees Chip catching a vibe. Perhaps a little break from ranting and sending for the music industry. He links up with KRANIUM in the wavey tune that is bound to be a club hit and should gain radio plays. Any girl who likes to whine up her waist and get loose is definitely going to love this and perhaps a vibey one for the lads.

Power Up is more of a re-visit to the event that happened at Wireless earlier this year, where he was denied access into the festival arena. According to sources, the order came from the Big Boss at Wireless who is said to be good friends with Tinie Tempah. That incident prompted the beginning of this project.

The next track is “My ones“, love this track. it is more of a dedication to his brother behind bars and in the track he also talks about people dissing him, knowing fully well that he’s only going to retaliate lyrically. If you listen to his replies,he never really sends out personal threats, he always keeps it within the music.
New day is more of a description of events in the movie Brotherhood, which comes out on the 29th, make sure you go see it. The song and and movie itself typifies what happens in the streets these days, betrayals and of course revenge.

The last track on the project “Can’t run out of bars” is more of a self appraisal, sending out a message to every artist that tested or doubted his lyrical ability. Some people might say he lost in some of the beefs, but you cant deny that he simply can’t run out of bars.

kingsley Njoku

Rome was not built in a day...#BePatient

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